Philip spent the early part of his career in the manufacturing sector and from there moved to selling Real Estate in Manhattan. The lessons learned working with a fourth generation family business were invaluable and he brings these skills and a strong sense of customer service with him to the world of Real Estate.  Integrity, professionalism, and a strong attention to detail are a few traits that best describe Philip. Having spent a good portion of his career as a business owner working closely with designers and engineers, he has learned to maintain focus on the customers needs. These traits have served him well in his Real Estate endeavors as well.

In addition to his life in the manufacturing environment, he has enjoyed a great deal of success in the Livestock Industry. He and his partner operate a well respected Llama Farm in Stephentown, NY. and have bred and sold some to top winning and top selling llamas over the years. Besides breeding Llamas and Horses, Philip enjoys a reputation as one of the top Llama judges in the country. Philip has spent a number of years serving as a Director and Treasurer for a number of Not for Profit organizations as well.

With 27 years as a Stephentown resident, he has a keen understanding of the area and the needs of both the local residents and those of the weekender as well.


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