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We are a small, independent office. No automated answering here, when you call you will reach a live person at the end of the phone. (Or a live person’s voicemail because we are all out on the road with customers!) On the other hand we also believe in the technology that enables us to more efficiently service our clients and customers. At Country Life Real Estate we believe in old fashioned values and service. Using our experience and skills in the real estate business and our knowledge of life in Columbia County, we strive for every transaction to be a positive experience for all of our customers and clients. We know that you are looking for more than four walls, you are looking for the home that speaks to you and to the lifestyle you live. We truly believe…it’s not just a property….it’s a lifestyle. So give us a call.

Linnea VanTassel, NYS Licensed Real Estate Broker and Partner

Linnea has enjoyed over 31 successful years in the Real Estate business in Columbia County. She knows the area and its properties inside and out. Linnea’s honesty and straightforward approach, sprinkled with humor have rewarded her with a strong following. Whether buying or selling, Linnea’s experience and professionalism are always present to provide a happy, successful transaction.

Linnea is “almost” a native, having resided in the county for 32 years.  She calls Chatham Center home and lives in a 200 yer old Eyebrow Colonial surrounded by age old trees and flowering garden she loves to work in.  Linnea enjoys an active lifestyle, being an avid cyclist and recently completed her second marathon.

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Anne Harrison, NYS Licensed Real Estate Broker and Partner

Anne has been selling Real Estate for over 19 years and has achieved the rank of top selling Agent in the County more than once with 2015 being a banner year. If you want to buy a piece of land or a farm… Anne is your go to person. Having said that, her knowledge and experience are certainly not confined to land. Experience and knowledge are just the tip of what you get when you work with Anne.

Anne grew up in the Southern part of Columbia County and spent the majority of her time learning about animals of all kinds, with a particular love of horses.  Today you can find Anne and her young daughter along with their dogs Suzy and Otter spending time outdoors, working with horses or at the gym.

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Kelly Harrison, NYS Licensed Real Estate Broker and Partner

Kelly has spent the better part of her adult life providing great customer service to people in the community — from an iconic Chatham Dept Store to local Real Estate. Regardless of the industry she spent a good amount of time honing those skills. Kelly has been in and out of Real Estate in Columbia County since 2003 and loves the challenge of matching people to just the right home. Together with her ability to hold down the fort inside the office, Kelly brings her deep rooted love of the area to the table.

Kelly grew up in Ghent, in the heart of Columbia County, she moved “over the hill” to Spencertown where she married and she and her husband raised their three sons. Nowadays Kelly spends her time enjoying the opportunity to relax with her husband and friends or hosting family dinners — nothing better than a houseful.


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Philip Feiner, NYS Licensed Real Estate Associate Broker

Philip spent the early part of his career in the manufacturing sector and from there moved to selling Real Estate in Manhattan. The lessons learned working with a fourth generation family business were invaluable and he brings these skills and a strong sense of customer service with him to the world of Real Estate.  Integrity, professionalism, and a strong attention to detail are a few traits that best describe Philip. Having spent a good portion of his career as a business owner working closely with designers and engineers, he has learned to maintain focus on the customers needs. These traits have served him well in his Real Estate endeavors as well.

In addition to his life in the manufacturing environment, he has enjoyed a great deal of success in the Livestock Industry. He and his partner operate a well respected Llama Farm in Stephentown, NY. and have bred and sold some to top winning and top selling llamas over the years. Besides breeding Llamas and Horses, Philip enjoys a reputation as one of the top Llama judges in the country. Philip has spent a number of years serving as a Director and Treasurer for a number of Not for Profit organizations as well.

With 27 years as a Stephentown resident, he has a keen understanding of the area and the needs of both the local residents and those of the weekender as well.


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